8 Innovative Drone Startups You Should Get To Know Take Flight

innovative drone startups

One of the hottest new trends in the startup world might be above your head, literally. Commercial drone startups are popping up in droves, and firms are showing their vote of confidence in the industry in the form of sizeable investments.

Here are some of the drone companies to watch out for:


With early backers such as Avalon Ventures LLC, this company has grown quickly over the last year and a half. Word is they are currently raising around $30 million. SkyCatch offers users technology that unlike other drone companies, requires no piloting.

Recently, SkyCatch showed how invaluable drone technology can be when they sent their technology to help map earthquake relief activities and needs in Nepal.


This company has designed drones specifically to survey agricultural landscapes. Able to provide data on up to 800 acres, Honeycomb enables farmers with no flying experience to monitor land to find and address problem situations quickly.

With few competitors working specifically to meet agricultural needs, and if Honeycomb gets FDA-approved, it has a good chance to dominate the ripe (farming pun not intended!) market.


A while ago, a pizza company in Mumbai, India made headlines when it beat the incessant traffic and drone deliver a pizza to one of the city’s many high rises.

Skycart wants drone delivery to be a mainstream norm, and not just for pizza. While this company hasn’t gained too much popularity yet, there is a lot of potential for growth.

Perceptive Labs

From wedding films to blockbusters, drones are already a big part of filmmaking, but that doesn’t mean all commercial drones have the functionality independent filmmakers need. Perceptiv Labs have designed a drone with filmmakers in mind.

With features like tilt and shift, 360 flight around a subject, and multiple subject tracking, Perceptiv Labs enables filmmakers to have a creative vision that’s larger than a simple aerial shot.


Having recently closed a round of $9m in investment, DroneDeploy provides users with data for every capture. This data works for agriculture, construction sites, and mining. With this new round of investment, DroneDeploy plans to add many more features to process the data even further, offering users more tangible information to help their businesses.

CyPhy Works

With more than $13.5m in funding and a recent Kickstarter campaign raising over $400k, CyPhy Works is definitely one to watch. CyPhy LVL – the product behind the successful Kickstarter campaign – is said to be a drone anyone can use, and it’s this simplification that will attract the masses.

Ceres Imaging

There are a few agricultural drone startups out there (we already named two), but Ceres Imaging has refined their focus even more: nitrogen and water optimization. Especially crucial in light of California’s current water crisis, disaster may just help Ceres Imaging grow.

VIRES Aeronautics

Many companies are launching self-driving cars, but what about self-driving airplanes? Such a lofty goal is how the VIRES Aeronautics Ora, an unmanned aircraft with optimal performance, came into existence.

Active Circulation Control is the aircraft technology developed by VIRES Aeronautics that enables the unmanned aircraft to fly longer and with a greater payload.

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