Drone, Meet Game of Thrones

Through the magic of drone technology, Game of Thrones fans may be able to divine the outcome of Season Six of the hit HBO fantasy series thanks to an aerial wizard in Ireland.

Irish YouTuber Eye In The Sky captured footage last week of series filming in Ballintoy, Northern Ireland. However, the UAV videographer said he stumbled upon the shoot by accident. “Well, I was there to record the harbor — [Game of Thrones] happened to be in the way,” he wrote on his YouTube page.

Warning to diehard fans: Spoilers could be found in the following details for those in the know.

Eye In The Sky’s 53-second video, shot from a DJI Phantom 3, depicts cast and crew set-ups for a few different scenes. In one scene, wooden boats are being filmed in a reservoir while another scene depicts a white-haired character dressed all in black apparently leading a group of armored soldiers. (Note to GOT geeks: this reporter [a Star Wars geek] is not a fan and has little desire to learn the series lore so please don’t tell him how wrong he is in his visual interpretations. Just enjoy the spoilers).

According to fan comments, the scene may have involved something called a “Kingsmoot” and a character named Euron. Fans also speculated that the shoot may have been for a setting in the show’s Iron Islands.

Although show producers have been successful in the past in casting a no-fly spell over filming locations, Eye In The Sky claims this was not the case last week.

“They didn’t apply for a no-fly zone so I was well within my rights to fly,” he said. “I didn’t do anything wrong and I could have legally just hovered there but I decided to only make a few quick passes for a quick peek.”

In March, the company issued a no-fly zone over a set in Northern Ireland. As reported in DRONELIFE: “Signs erected by a security company on the fence of the filming studios in Titanic Quarter, East Belfast, specify that the area is a ‘no-fly zone’ for the crafts and warn of prosecution for invading the airspace above the studios without permission from the Civil Aviation Authority.”

Indeed, as we have reported in the past, fair reader, the intrigue and battles of Game of Thrones in many ways resemble the struggle over Who Owns the Sky.

Original Story: http://dronelife.com/2015/09/15/dji-drone-captures-game-of-thrones-shoot/

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