Drone Stores are Everywhere, but DJI Still King

While a new drone store is announced almost daily in the US – and the field of online stores is rapidly becoming overcrowded – DJI’s newest flagship store in Seoul is in a class by itself.

The second of DJI’s flagship stores, the property in Seoul’s Hongdae district looks more like a nightclub or classy restaurant than a store.  DJI says that the story was “custom-designed to fit with both DJI’s and the Hongdae district’s vibe.”

The store is 5 stories and over 9,000 square feet, and is scheduled to open in March. “The aim is for consumers to see, touch and learn firsthand about the company’s latest aerial technologies.”

Sometimes called the Apple of the Pearl River, DJI seems to have followed Apple’s example on making aesthetic design an important part of their product: and they are taking it a step further, in an attempt to introduce drones as an integral part of youth culture.

content_DJI_Korea_Flagship_Store__flight_cage_area_“Design is an important aspect of the DJI brand, from our product design to packaging, to our retail store concept,” said Frank Wang, DJI Founder and CEO. “We chose this unique location in Hongdae for its vibrant cultural backdrop that combines urban arts, indie music and pop culture. DJI is also creating a cool new culture for aerial enthusiasts, allowing people to experience and see the world from a new perspective.”

The stores may not be oriented as much towards selling drones – drones were a significant driver of online sales this holiday season – as they are a way of increasing the total market in Asia where the first two drone stores are located.  When DJI’s first store opened in China, the company commented that building a large drone market would require “a lot of education” about why Chinese consumers would want them.  Certainly the huge and sleek flagship stores are a way of creating interest.

DJI says that it does not have a list of stores in development, but will introduce further retail locations as opportunities become available.

Original Story: DroneLife

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